Laser Hair Therapy

Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Why it works

Laser hair therapy -Laser hair therapy is non-surgical scientific approach to treating hair loss, thinning hair and problems associated with the scalp. The cool laser creates a soft halo of light around the scalp. Laser hair therapy is a medically tested, effective and proven method using low level laser energy, "soft cool" laser light to effectively treat and control problem hair loss..

Clinical studies

Many Clinical studies have been completed worldwide, the results of which show proof positive that laser hair therapy is both safe and effective in the treatment of hair loss. The laser hair therapy device is recognized by the FDA and is approved for cosmetic use in the United States.

What is the first step to hair restoration?

No obligation, consultation.

Prior to being accepted into treatment a potential patient must come into HRC for a consultation and evaluation. At that time, your hair loss situation will be assessed. There is no charge for a consultation. Simply call or book your appointment online.


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