Extreme Growth Therapy

HRC-G6   “prp on steroids”

When Platelet-Rich Plasma came onto the market we were preparing to bring it on board at the Hair Rejuvenation Clinic.    During the process of setting up the procedure at the clinic  our NY supplier  told us we should look into a lab from Australia and new line they had brought into the marketplace.   “It was taking over the PRP  market in NY and LA  and was worth checking into”.   So we did.   The Australian lab was no average lab.  They are famous for growth factor research as it pertains to women’s cosmetics.  You might recognize them for one of their products Divinci 21.

We contacted a clinic in NY that had reported great success and decided with their help to do our own clinical trials.  We did trials for 4 months to work out the details of application and were pleasantly surprised with the results.  There were multiple outstanding benefits.

What Makes G6 superior to standard prp ?

Application is far less invasive - People can return to their regular daily schedule immediately after the treatment.

The G6 formulation composed of 6 hair growth hormones is pure.   There is no risk of re-introducing genetic faults that obviously exist,  therefore the success rate is substantially higher. 

Time frame - The time frame is extremely fast vs prp.  12 consecutive weeks for the complete program.   3 months all  in.  ( if you have made enquiries into prp you will realize what an advantage this time frame is over prp  )

Of course as with the HRC laser program we enhanced the G6  process where we saw potential to generate better results.  A shampoo designed to be used for the duration of the program to accelerate growth.  A kit for home use is included for the duration of the program to augment the clinical formulae.  Also included is our gender specific all natural hair regrowth supplement.

As of today almost 4 years after launch HRC is the only clinic in Canada offering this program.   When and if  the standard program starts to migrate to Canada HRC-G6  will not be matched because of the enhancements we enriched the original G6 program with.

For people considering prp I strongly suggest you give us a call and book a no charge no obligation consultation and view our gallery of satisfied customers.  After scalp examination and analysis we can discuss what we can do for you.   There is a reason we were voted Consumers choice of the year for 2023.