HRC-G6   “prp on steroids”


When Platelet-Rich Plasma came onto the market we were preparing to bring it on board at the Hair Rejuvenation Clinic.    During the process of setting up the procedure at the clinic one of our NY suppliers told us we should look into a lab from Australia and new line they had brought into the marketplace.   “It was taking over the PRP  market in NY and LA  and was worth checking into”.   So we did.   The Australian lab was no average lab.  They are famous for growth factor research as it pertains to women’s cosmetics.  You might recognize them for one of their products Divinci 21.

We contacted a clinic in NY that had reported great success and decided with their help to do our own clinical trials.  We did trials for 4 months to work out the details of application and were pleasantly surprised with the results.  There were two outstanding benefits.

One was the ability to instigate new hair growth in an area that was previously barren.  This was incredible because up to this point our programs are all designed to repair and rebuild existing follicles that were damaged or stopped producing. The second keystone was the program only involved 12 weeks/12 sessions.  A quality laser program involves 6 months.  At  3 months HRC-G6  would have great appeal to anyone who did not have the time to complete a 6 month laser program.

Of course as with the HRC laser program we enhanced the process where we saw potential to generate better results.  HRC laser program is no doubt far above the norm in the GTA because we saw the opportunity to improve the standard and we did.

As of today two years after launch HRC is the only clinic in Canada offering this program.   Even when the standard program starts to migrate to Canada it still will not be the same because of our enhancements.  For those wondering, yes we have been approached to bring it across Canada but with our brand at stake we do not feel we would have the controls necessary to ensure proper execution.

For people considering PRP I strongly suggest you give us a call and book a free consultation. HRC-G6 is far less invasive of an application.   It also creates far more thorough results for the same and in many cases less costs than PRP