Meet The HRC Team



Sandra has been a licensed hair stylist for 25 years and a professional tattoo artist in permanent make up for 10 years. Working in the hair replacement and scalp treatments for the past 15 years with high end hair replacement companies having been provided with the best technical standards and educators keeping up with the latest trends and product knowledge. Working in this business you are always trying to be the best you can be and set the precedence and professionalism. Being a technical trainer and educator requires working with sensitive issues as well as problem solving. Dealing with male and female pattern baldness, cancer patients, alopecia and scalp abnormalities. Sensitivity, guidance and compassion are some of the key components of her success and knowing she is changing peoples lives and giving them new found confidence.

Sandra loves her work and sets high standards of herself. She will always be welcoming with open arms and embrace the changes we make in peoples lives .


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