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Our fibers are made of natural organic KERITAN protein the same protein hair is made of. The fibers are charged with static electricity and intertwine with your own hair and bond securely. Just shake in HRC FIBERS and they stay in all day and all evening.

What makes HRC FIBERS stand out from the rest ?

There are a few brands of fibers in the market place and key items of importance. You absolutely want pure KERITAN protein fibers as other brands have tried cheaper alternatives from wool to synthetic fiber. With Pure KERITAN the chances of having an allergic reaction are reduced to almost zero and provide an extremely natural look. COLOR is extremely important. HRC ‘s color pallet is excellent. Our colors are extremely natural where as some other brands have missed the mark. This becomes extremely important when trying to blend the fiber with your own hair. Please check out our GALLERY you will be amazed and in disbelief at the transformations. Last but not least HRC is a premier clinic. We have been successfully growing hair for years. We have also been fitting people with custom hair systems. We understand peoples attention to detail and their desire to feel great about their look first hand. We deal with them live and in person everyday.

Our fibers come in a 28 gram applicator, available in 9 COLORS

Additional information

Fiber Colours

Auburn, Black, Dark Brown, Golden Blonde, Grey, Light Brown, Medium Blonde, Medium Brown


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