HRC Packages

Mens & Womens

Regrowth Cleansing and Nutrient Program

When you start your program to a fuller thicker head of hair, you will start with HRC shampoo and conditioner. HRC Shampoo cleanses the scalp to reduce impurities that inhibit hair growth. The conditioner moisturizes the hair to back up the shampoo’s effectiveness.


Mens & Womens

Regrowth Complete Package

This program covers all angles to give you the best results for optimal hair restoration.
By getting the “Complete Hair Restoration Package” you are covering all your bases to get on the road to having a full head of hair.


Mens & Womens

HRC Extreme Growth Home Maintenance Kit

This is a replenishment kit designed for people who have completed the

PLEASE NOTE:  This product should only be purchased if you have completed the Growth program only.

Not sure? Give us a call to find out: ( 905) 629-4410


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