When people start watching there hair circle the drain in the shower they tend to panic. Their first natural instinct is to believe they are somehow aiding the hair fall while shampooing their hair. The natural reaction instinctively is to do it less. This is story we hear at the clinic over and over again. We do have a short video discussing the topic on our facebook page if you would like a summary. Not washing your hair creates a series of problems. Oil that would be removed with a thorough shampooing gets on your scalp and will start blocking the follicles. These oils also have a tendency to attract other particles and create a build up around the follicle. Closed and dirty follicles start to restrict healthy hair growth. If you are noticing excessive hair loss more than 50-100 a day it might be time to see a dermatologist. In the mean DO NOT reduce the frequency of your shampooing. You will just be contributing to the problem, not fixing it.