The Benefits of Using Panax Ginseng (Found in our conditioner)

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 2.44.00 PMRed Ginseng which has many names like Korean ginseng, Panax ginseng and Asian ginseng is a plant that is indigenous to China and Korea. Red ginseng is very often related to, but it’s quite different from American ginseng. Red ginseng is known for its various health benefits. It combats fatigue, enhances memory, and used to treat variety of medical conditions like cold, diabetes, asthma, tuberculosis, etc. Red ginseng is considered king of herbs and Chinese herbalists knowing its potency are using this herb to cure different ailments for more than 5000 years.
Besides other benefits, red ginseng is found very beneficial in hair growth. This rooty herb has the ability to act on the scalp and triggers hair growth. The red ginseng is useful to hair when taken internally as well as applied to scalp externally. Red ginseng is currently used in most of the shampoos and conditioners as it is believed to stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth. Studies reveal that people who use red ginseng products grow hair fast than usual.
It indirectly curtails hair fall in many ways; regular intake of red ginseng extract relieves people from stress. In a study, a large number of people were given red ginseng, these people exhibited better quality of life than who those who did not have the herb. Ginsenosides found in red ginseng maintains both mental and physical health of a person. Ginsenosides allows the body to handle stress in a natural way. There are lots of possibilities to lose hair when you are stressed, thus by taking red ginseng you can minimize your stress and save your hair.
It strengthens the immune system and aids body to easily get rid of infections and diseases, thereby promotes overall health. The body takes a lot of time to repair itself and fails to focus on hair growth if the immune is bad. The red ginseng energizes body’s immune system and also enhances the hair and scalp condition, thus avoids hair damages caused due to stress and illness.
Red ginseng comes with antioxidant properties which benefits the cardiovascular system of the body and offers a good blood flow. Healthy blood flow in the scalp activates hair follicles and regulates hair growth.
Many studies were conducted worldwide to know the effect of this herb on hair growth. On such study happened in Osaka, Japan unveils that this herb is strong enough to combat androgenetic alopecia also known as balding. This was a great finding which would help innumerable people to overcome baldness a very embarrassing condition.
Red ginseng is a good source of amino acids, vitamins, natural enzymes and other essential oils. It has 42 natural minerals and offers multifarious nutrients to the body. Knowing all these, many manufacturers have started to use red ginseng extracts in their products and have found it very effective and efficient. You can also find many red ginseng supplements to regrow hair and arrest hair fall.
A study conducted by the Department of Oriental Medical Food and Nutrition, Semyung University showed that panax ginseng (applied topically) possessed hair growth activity and can be used to treat alopecia or used as a way to make hair grow faster. The study found that significant elongations of anagen* phase during hair cycle after application of FPG were evaluated by photographical and histological observations. The study concluded that topical application of panax ginseng has hair regeneration activity. If you are looking for a natural remedy for hair loss or to grow your hair faster, than panax ginseng is your solution.