The Benefits of Using Chamomilla Recutita (Found in our conditioner)

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 2.47.13 PMChamomile (Matricaria recutita) is a flowering plant belonging to the daisy family. It is also known as Hungarian chamomile and true chamomile. The plant is indigenous to Asia and Europe and is used for several therapeutic purposes. The essential oil extracted from chamomile has been in use for more than 2000 years for treating conditions, such as nervous anxiety and insomnia. Chamomile essential oil is obtained from the freshly dried out white flowers of this herb. Chamomile is also effective for treating skin conditions, especially for comforting irritated skin.
This herb as well as the essential oil obtained from its flowers is an important ingredient in many natural beauty products, manufacture of herbal soaps and aromatherapy. Chamomile essential oil is not only very strong, but, in general, also offers several benefits for beauty and health.

Chamomile contains compounds that are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory; one of these, the lovely blue chamazulene, is noted for promoting tissue regeneration. The anti-inflammatory effect of the essential oil applied topically improves skin regeneration. Skin washes and baths with chamomile tea can calm skin inflammations, as well as bacterial skin diseases according to the Commission E Monographs. Chamomile used as a hair rinse brings on the highlights in blonde or light colored hair. Addlemon juice to enhance the effect. Chamomile flower extracts are helpful in managing eczema.
Because of it’s extraordinarily gentle effectiveness, chamomile is the first herb of choice for many home remedies. The seemingly endless list of uses for chamomile can all be traced to its effects on the nervous system and digestive system, as well as its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
This oil also possesses antiseptic properties and, hence, checks the growth of bacteria and other microbes in the body. The hair care industry also holds this herb in high regard for it forms an important ingredient in several shampoos and hair conditioners. Chamomile essential oil helps in protecting hair from the adverse environmental conditions. This oil is effective for treating oily hair which is responsible for dandruff. Apart from invigorating hair growth, chamomile also strengthens the hair roots. It is advisable that you should use chamomile essential oil for hair care instead of chemical products, which have a toxic effect in the long run. In addition to taking care of the hair, applying chamomile oil to hair also induces sound sleep in people enduring insomnia.
Apart from benefitting the hair, chamomile essential oil is also effective in boosting the mental, emotional and physical health of an individual. In effect, this is said to be the primary use of this essential oil in aromatherapy. As the chamomile essential oil possesses a sweet and fruit-like fragrance that revitalizes, refreshes as well as unwinds the mind, it is extensively used in aromatherapy. This essential oil is also beneficial for people suffering from arthritis as it possesses the properties to heal joint aches. This oil has the aptitude to heal bowel problems, depression as well as migraines.